ANSC Undergraduate Student Accolades


+ Lauren Soranno (below left) placed 1st in the undergraduate poster competition at the National American Society of Animal Science meetings.

+ Kathleen Atkinson (below left middle) was selected for the Institutate of Food Technologists Nutmeg Section undergraduate scholarhip.

+ Meagan Goodridge and Annushka Sewrathan(below right middle and right) were selected to receive UConn IDEA Grants fo the 2020-2021 academic year.


+ Caitlyn Splaine (below right) earned an Honorable Mention in the Aetna Writing in the Disciplines Awards.

+ Mackenzie Fischer was selected as the 2019 Outstanding Senior Woman for Ratcliffe Hicks in CAHNR.

+ Daria Larson and Lindsey Vendermeir (below left and center) were selected for summer 2019 IDEA research grants.


+ Alyssa Condon (below right, left) was selected as the 2018 Outstanding Senior Woman for CAHNR and Jessica LaRosa (below right, right) was chosen as the Outstanding Senior Woman for Ratcliffe Hicks.

+ Rebecca Flodquist, Melissa Hill, Erin Norris and Megan Goodridge were chosen as recipients of the Anthony Yurgaitis and George Malkemus Arethusa Farm Scholarships.

+ Rachel Conte was chosen as the national anthem singer for CAHNR Commencement.

+ Michelle Martinez was featured in UConn Today for her involvement in the UConn Fencing Club.

+ Kelli Knapp was awarded a fall 2018 UConn IDEA grant to pursue research through Dr. Jenifer Nadeau's lab.

+ Daria Larson was selected as one of eleven students to participate in the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture's Next Generation Program.

+ Emily Forauer (below bottom) was selected as the very first Dave Theno Fellow at the International Association for Food Protection meeting.

+ Erin Norris (below left, second from left) was selected as one of six 2018 National Distinguished Junior Members at the National Junior Holstein Convention.


+ Erin Norris, Katelyn Williams, and Willow Chesmer were chosen as recipients of the Anthony Yurgaitis and George Malkemus Arethusa Farm Scholarships.

+ Alyssa Condon (below left) was selected for a competitive ASAS insternship for summer 2017.  The internship in Washington D.C. works closely with agricultural and environmental policies in the U.S.

+ Maya Schlesinger was awarded a summer 2017 UConn IDEA grant to pursue research through Dr. Mary Anne Amalaradjou's lab.

+ Catherine Cabano (below second from left) was selected to represent UConn at the 2017 Universitas Undergraduate Research Conference at the Univeristy of Edinburgh. 

+ Erin Norris  (below second from right) was selected for the Gregory Finn Scholarship by the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation.

+ Danny Munch (below right) was featured in UConn Today.


+ Megan Hebert, Erin Norris and Katelyn Williams were chosen as recipients of the Anthony Yurgaitis and George Malkemus Arethusa Farm Scholarships.


+ Olivia Korte (below left)and Kim Grendzinski (second from left) were recipients of the Difference Maker Scholarship.

+ Rachel Holden (below second from right) was awarded the 2015 was awarded the Eastern States Exposition Connecticut Trustee Undergraduate Student Scholarship.
+ Leanne Jankelunas (below right, left) and Alexandra Rudolph (below right, right), were selected as 2015 University Scholars.  Leanne, an ANSC and Pathobiology major, was selected for her project “Investigating the Efficacy of Plant-derived Antimicrobials in Increasing the Sensitivity of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (VRSA) to Antibiotics.”  Alexandra, an ANSC and MCB major, was selected for her project “Effects of Bovine Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor on Milk Neutrophil Apoptosis.”  The University Scholar Program allows undergraduate students to explore special projects under the guidance of a faculty advisory committee.  Graduating as a University Scholar is considered the highest academic achievement the university bestows on undergraduate students.


+ Katelyn McFadden (below left) and Bethany Sullivan (below bottom) with their advisors Dr. Govoni and Dr. Reed, respectively, tied for third place in the 2014 American Society of Animal Science Undergraduate Research Poster competition at the annual ASAS meeting in Kansas City, MI.

+ Katelyn McFadden was also named a University Scholar. Katelyn completed her work under the direction of Dr. Kristen Govoni with an advisory committee of Dr. Reedand Dr. Zinn from Animal Science and Dr. Lee from Nutritional Sciences.

+ Emma Lavigne (below second from left) and Brenna Daly (below second from right) received honorable mentions for their individual papers in the undergraduate scientific writing category for the Aetna Writing Prize.  Both were nominated for papers written in Dr. Zinn's Endocrinology course.


+ Students from the Department of Animal Science presented their Undergraduate Research Projects at the National Animal Science Meetings in Indianapolis, IN. They all did a wonderful job presenting and representing UConn’s Department of Animal Science student body at the meetings.  The following are undergraduate students who won awards for their poster presentations: Dana Kaelin—1st Place, Katelyn McFadden—3rd Place, Alison Bush—5th Place



+  Katie Smith, a freshman in Animal Science and member of the Animal Science Learning Community and Animal Science Freshman English class was selected to read her essay, "Black and Gold: More than Just Colors in Mark Doty's 'Dog Years'," at the second annual Learning Community Scholar Symposium held in November.  Congratulations to Katie, she did a great job!

+ For the second time in her academic career, Lisa Dauten (below) was awarded the Eastern States Exposition Connecticut Trustee Undergraduate Student Scholarship. 


+  Emma Price was selected along with other first-year students from the Freshman English Program to present her work at the Inaugural Learning Community English Symposium.

Stephanie Tornaquindici was given an Honorable Mention for the 2011 Aetna Writing in the Disciplines Award.  She received this honor for a scientific paper she wrote titled “Embryonic Diapause in the Tammar Wallaby, Macropus eugenii: An Adaptation of Development.”  Stephanie Tornaquindici assisted in the development of primers specific for T-box 2, a key transcription factor in osteoblast function in Fall 2011.


+   Lisa Dauten, ANSC Sophomore, was awarded the 2010 Eastern States Exposition Connecticut Trustee Undergraduate Student Scholarship.  Each year, the Connecticut Trustees of the Eastern States Exposition awards one or more scholarships to CAHNR undergraduate students who have indicated that they will continue making contributions to agriculture as well as to the welfare of Connecticut citizens.

+ Elsa Anglin was the recipient of the 2010 Aetna Writing in the Disciplines Award.  Elsa is a co-winner in the Sciences category and submitted a paper on “Manx Syndrome of the Domestic Cat.”  She is graduating this December and has applied to veterinary school.    Elsa is invited to read an excerpt from her paper on Thursday, October 28 at the Aetna Awards Night.  Elsa Anglin was also inducted as a New England Scholar in 2009!


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