Breno Fragomeni

Assistant Professor- Genetics

Dr. Breno FragomeniContact

   Phone: (860)486-1069


   Office: George White Building, Room 205

   Lab: George White Building, Room 215





  • Ph.D. (Animal and Dairy Science), University of Georgia, 2015
  • MS (Animal Science/Breeding and Genetics), Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil), 2012
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Federal University of Bahia (Brazil), 2009
After receiving his Ph.D. in 2015, Dr. Fragomeni completed two and a half years of postdoctoral training at the University of Georgia, under the mentorship of Dr. Ignacy Misztal. In 2018, Dr. Fragomeni joined the University of Connecticut as an Assistant Professor in the department of Animal Science.


Classes Taught

SAAS 121 Animal Breeding and Genetics
ANSC 3121 Principles of Animal Genetics

Research Interests

  • Using genomic information in predicting animals' performance and implementing this information for optimum selection and breeding decisions
  • Using genomic selection to improve novel and complex traits such as disease resistance, environmental robustness, survival, among others and dissecting the underlying genetics of such traits
  • Methods for genetic and genomic evaluation in livestock animals
  • Use of genetic and genomic tools to mitigate environmental impact in livestock
  • Genotype by environment interaction
  • Genomic evaluation of service dogs
  • Selection for novel traits, such as disease resistance, heat stress robustness, resilience
  • Animal breeding and sustainability
  • Use of high throughput data in genomic evaluation

In the News

Recent Publications (Selected)

Vallejo, R.L., Cheng, H., Fragomeni, B.O., Gao, G., Silva, R.M., Martin, K.E., Evenhuis, J.P., Wiens, G.D., Leeds, T.D. and Palti, Y., 2021. The accuracy of genomic predictions for bacterial cold water disease resistance remains higher than the pedigree-based model one generation after model training in a commercial rainbow trout breeding population. Aquaculture, p.737164. 

Pellissery, A.J., Vinayamohan, P.G., Kuttappan, D.A., Mishra, N., Fragomeni, B.D.O., Maas, K., Mooyottu, S. and Venkitanarayanan, K., 2021. Protective Effect of Baicalin against Clostridioides difficile Infection in Mice. Antibiotics, 10(8), p.926. 

Scanavez, A.L.A., Fragomeni, B., Rocha, L., Voelz, B.E., Hulbert, L.E. and Mendonça, L.G.D., 2020. Association Between Four-Day Vaginal Temperature Assessment During the Dry Period and Performance in the Subsequent Lactation of Heat-Stressed Dairy Cows. Impact of heat stress on health, production, and reproductive performance of dairy cows, 95, p.30. 

Toghiani, S., Hay, E., Fragomeni, B., Rekaya, R. and Roberts, A.J., 2020. Genotype by environment interaction in response to cold stress in a composite beef cattle breed. Animal-The International Journal of Animal Biosciences, pp.1-12.

Vallejo, R.L., Fragomeni, B.O., Cheng, H., Gao, G., Long, R.L., Shewbridge, K.L., Macmillan, J.R., Towner, R. and Palti, Y., 2020. Assessing Accuracy of Genomic Predictions for Resistance to Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus with Progeny Testing of Selection Candidates in a Commercial Rainbow trout Breeding Population. Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 7, p.939.

Fragomeni, B.O., Lourenco, D.A.L., Legarra, A., VanRaden, P.M. and Misztal, I., 2019. Alternative SNP weighting for single-step genomic best linear unbiased predictor evaluation of stature in US Holsteins in the presence of selected sequence variants. Journal of dairy science, 102(11), pp.10012-10019.

Fragomeni, B., Masuda, Y., Bradford, H.L., Lourenco, D.A.L. and Misztal, I., 2019. International bull evaluations by genomic BLUP with a prediction population. Journal of dairy science, 102(3), pp.2330-2335.

Cesarani, A., Pocrnic, I., Macciotta, N.P., Fragomeni, B.O., Misztal, I. and Lourenco, D.A., 2019. Bias in heritability estimates from genomic restricted maximum likelihood methods under different genotyping strategies. Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics, 136(1), pp.40-50.

Fragomeni, B.O., D.A.L. Lourenco, S. Tsuruta, Y. Masuda, I. Aguilar, A. Legarra, T.J. Lawlor, and I. Misztal. 2015. Hot Topic: Use of genomic recursions in single-step genomic best linear unbiased predictor (BLUP) with a large number of genotypes. J. Dairy Sci. 98:4090–4094.

Fragomeni, B.O., D.A.L. Lourenco, S. Tsuruta, Y. Masuda, I. Aguilar, I. Misztal. 2015. Use of Genomic Recursions and Algorithm for Proven and Young Animals for Single-Step Genomic BLUP Analyses – a Simulation Study. J. Anim. Breed. Genet. 132:340-345.  

Fragomeni, B.O., Misztal, I., Lourenco, D.A.L., Aguilar, I., Okimoto, R., Muir, W.M. 2014. Changes in variance explained by top SNP windows over generations for three traits in broiler chicken. Frontiers in genetics, v.5:332

Masuda, Y., I. Misztal, S. Tsuruta, A. Legarra, I. Aguilar, D.A.L. Lourenco, B. Fragomeni, and T. Lawlor. 2016. Implementation of genomic recursions in single-step genomic BLUP for US Holsteins with a large number of genotyped animals. J. Dairy Sci. 99(3), pp.1968-1974.

Fragomeni, B.O., Lourenco, D.A.L., Tsuruta, S., Bradford, H.L., Gray, K.A., Huang, Y. and Misztal, I., 2016. Using single-step genomic best linear unbiased predictor to enhance the mitigation of seasonal losses due to heat stress in pigs. Journal of Animal Science, 94(12), pp.5004-5013.

Fragomeni, B.O., Lourenco, D.A.L., Tsuruta, S., Andonov, S., Gray, K., Huang, Y. and Misztal, I., 2016. Modeling response to heat stress in pigs from nucleus and commercial farms in different locations in the United States. Journal of Animal Science, 94(11), pp.4789-4798.

Fragomeni, B.O., Lourenco, D.A.L., Masuda, Y., Legarra, A., Misztal. I. 2017. Incorporation of Causative Quantitative Trait Nucleotides in Single-step GBLUP. Genetics Selection Evolution

Vallejo, R.L., Liu, S., Gao, G., Fragomeni, B.O.,   Hernandez, A.G., Leeds, T.G., Parsons, J.E., Martin, K.E., Evenhuis, J.P., Welch, T.J.,  Wiens, G.D., Palti, Y. 2017. Genome-wide association studies reveal similar genetic architecture with shared and unique quantitative trait loci for bacterial cold-water disease resistance in two rainbow trout breeding populations. Frontiers in Genetics 

Vallejo, R.L., Leeds, T.D., Fragomeni, B.O., Gao, G., Hernandez, A.G., Misztal, I., Welch, T.J., Wiens, G.D., Palti, Y. 2016. Evaluation of genome-enabled selection for bacterial cold water disease resistance using progeny performance data in Rainbow Trout: Insights on genotyping methods and genomic prediction models. Frontiers in Livestock Genomics.

Bradford, H.L., Fragomeni, B.O., Bertrand, J.K., Lourenco, D.A.L. and Misztal, I., 2016. Genetic evaluations for growth heat tolerance in Angus cattle. Journal of Animal Science, 94(10), pp.4143-4150

Lourenco, D.A.L., S. Tsuruta, B.O. Fragomeni, Y. Masuda, I. Aguilar, A. Legarra, J.K. Bertrand, T.S. Amen, L. Wang, D.W. Moser, and I. Misztal. 2015. Genomic evaluation using single-step genomic BLUP in American Angus. J. Anim. Sci. 93:2653–2662.

Hobbies/ Non-Academic Interests

  • Sports: Weightlifting, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, volleyball, soccer.
  • Cooking: Churrasco (Brazilian style barbecue), pasta, baking.
  • Homebrewing

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