Xiuchun (Cindy) Tian

Professor and Interim Department Head

Dr. Xiuchun "Cindy" Tian

   Phone: (860) 486-9087

   Email: Xiuchun.Tian@UConn.edu

   Office: ABL Building, Room 220D, Unit-4163

   Lab: ABL Building, Room 231

   Lab Phone: (860) 486-6912



  • Ph.D. (Physiology), Cornell University
  • M.S. (Physiology), Cornell University
  • B.S. (Animal Science), China Agricultural University

Dr. Tian obtained her MS and PhD from Cornell University where she conducted research in early pregnancy recognition and regulation of steroidogenesis in ovarian tissues. She then received post-doctoral trainings as a recipient of a National Research Service Award from NIH in developmental genetics and molecular embryology at Cornell University and University of Connecticut.



Classes Taught

ANSC 3323 Animal Embryology and Biotechnology
ANSC 3324W Scientific Writing in Embryo Biotechnology
ANSC 5621 Frontiers in Animal Embryo Biotechnology

Area of Interest

  • Understanding the process of gene reprogramming by somatic nuclear transfer
  • Nuclear/Gene Reporgramming for tissue regeneration 

Awards & Achievements

  • Governor, International Embryo Technology Society, 2018-2020
  • Core Values Award, Genex, 2017
  • Member of American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2015-
  • Editorial Board member, Scientific Reports, 2015-2019
  • Editorial Board member, Journal of Reproduction and Development, 2015-
  • Editorial Board member, PLoS ONE, 2011-
  • Section Editor, BMC Developmental Biology, 2010-
  • Program co-chair, International Embryo Transfer Society 2009 Annual meeting, San Diego, TX, 2008
  • Associate editor, BMC Research Notes, 2007-2015
  • CANR Research Excellence Award, 2006

Current Positions of Former Graduate Students

Dr. Jingyue (Ellie) Duan:         Assistant Professor, Cornell University

Ching-Chien Chang:         Embryologist, Reproductive Biology Associates, Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Carol Curchoe George:     President and CEO of 32ATPs

Dr. Le Jiang:                           Staff Scientist, US Naval Medical Research Center

Dr. Chih-Jen (Lance) Lin:        Faculty member, Medical Research Council, UK

Dr. Sadie (Smith) Marjani:      Associate Professor, Central Connecticut State University

Dr. Joonghoon Park:              Assistant Professor, Seoul National University

Dr. Yong(Young) Tang:           Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut

Dr. Shouquan (Stan) Zhang:   Professor and Associate Dean, South China Agricultural University, China

Dr. Zongliang (Carl) Jiang:      Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University


In the News

Recent Publications (Selected)

High Impact Primary Publications

Tang Y, Luo Y, Jiang Z, Ma Y, Kim C, Lin CJ, Amano T, Park J, Amano M, Carter MG, Kish S, and Tian XC*. 2012. Jak/Stat3 Signaling Promotes Somatic Cell Reprogramming by Epigenetic Regulation. Stem Cells 2012 Dec;30(12):2645-56. doi: 10.1002/stem.1225 (April 2012).
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Other full-length, peer-reviewed, primary publications

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