Sheila Andrew

Professor, Dairy Extension Specialist

Dr. Sheila Andrew


   Phone: (860) 486-0803


   Office: George White Building, Room 212A





  • Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1991
  • M.S. (Nutrition), University of Illinois, 1979
  • B.S. (Animal Science), University of Rhode Island, 1976


Classes Taught

ANSC 1111   Principles of Animal Nutritoin and Feeding (Regional Campuses)
ANSC 2690/ SAAS 290
  Animal Science Field Excursions: New England Regional Dairy Travel Course
ANSC 3691
  Professional Internship
ANSC 3693
  Global One Health: Irish and US Perspectives
ANSC 4311
  Advanced Animal Nutrition
ANSC 4312W
  Scientific Writing in Advanced Animal Nutrition
ANSC 5614
  Advanced Animal Nutrition
SAAS 291
  Dairy Internships

Research/Extention Interests

  • Dairy Cattle Nutrition
    • Developing feeding systems that optimize the use of dietary energy and protein for growth and milk production, including the use of by-product feeds and evaluating methods to measure dietary adequacy
    • Investigating the effect of breed of cattle (Holstein versus Jersey cattle) on the utilization of energy and protein for milk production
  • Milk Quality
    • Critical issues that affect the quality of milk at the farm level
    • Performance of antibiotic residue screening tests for the detection of antibiotic residues in milk
    • Epidemiological studies on trends in mastitis and udder health and focus research in the area of mastitis prevention

Awards & Achievements

  • Promotion to Full Professor, 2013
  • College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Excellence in Outreach Award, 2013
  • President of the National Mastitis Council, 2011-2013
  • Second Vice-President of the National Mastitis Council, 2009
  • West Agro, Inc. Award from the American Dairy Science Association, 2010
  • Junior Faculty Award of Merit, 2001
  • Co-advisor of the UConn Dairy Club
  • Coordinates the New England Dairy Travel Course
  • Coach of Dairy Challenge Teams
  • Initiated and teaching in the University Italian Study Abroad Program ‘The Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Program’

In the News


Connecticut Dairy Outlook Video Conference

Extension and Outreach Programs

  • Dairy Technology Tour: 2015. The UConn Dairy Farm Technology Tour: Robots and Beyond, was hosted by Dr. Sheila Andrew. The tour brought us through MA, VT and NH touring dairy farms that have adopted robotic milking systems, energy generation, and cow health monitoring technologies, e.g., rumination collars.
  • Coordinates the Annual Connecticut Dairy Conference
  • Mastitis/Milk Quality - Applied Research: Collaborators are an Honor’s student, professor emeritus, department compliance officer and numerous students and dairy farms.  In 2013, the research has been brought to commercial dairy farms that have mastitis concerns. We are collecting data and providing recommendations and free testing for the dairy farms. Mastitis prevalence is reducing on these farms.  
  • Dairy Cattle Nutrition: In this applied research/extension area, I have focused on the feeding value of an alternative feed, snaplage, that provides energy/starch in dairy cattle rations and can be produced on the farms, which reduces the cost of feeding the dairy herd. I have received 2 grants, and have trained a graduate student and 2 undergraduate students. I will be visiting farms in the Summer of 2013 to collect samples of snaplage and consult with dairy producers. In addition, I have consulted with approximately 12 dairy farms concerning dairy nutrition issues.
  • Dairy Farm Advisory Board: The board is meeting less frequently in 2013; however, the impact of this board is becoming more evident. In a meeting of 2 farms, the profitability of both farms has increased over the last 12 months.
  • State of Connecticut Cost of Production Study: The Connecticut State Department of Agriculture commissioned a project with the Department of Resource economics to determine a cost of production estimate for CT dairy producers. This is an essential figure because diary producers should understand their costs and this will be used by the State Dairy program for grant to dairy farmers. I assisted with data collection, summary and reporting to dairy producers.

Committees & Activities

National/International Committee Activities

  • Chair: MS and PhD Poster Competition (2015)
  • Chair, American Dairy Science Association, Food Safety Committee

           - Developed a symposium for the 2012 Annual meeting of ADSA/ASAS.

  • Chair. American Dairy Science Association, 2013 West Agro, Inc.

           - Award for Excellence in Mastitis Research, Chair of Selection Committee and wrote citations for winner

  • American Dairy Science Association, National Mastitis Council Representative for ADSA
  • National Mastitis Council, Regional meeting planning committee.

           - Also initiated the location for the conference to be Portland, ME, July 23-24, 2013.

  • USDA/Multistate Research Group, NE-1028
  • Editorial Board: American Dairy Science Association

Regional Committee Activities

  • Member, Mid-Atlantic Consortium Dairy InService Conference, Planning Committee
  • New England Dairy/Livestock/Crops InService Planning Committee
  • New England Dairy Nutrition Conference, Planning Committee
  • New England Green Pastures, Dairy Farm Recognition Program, committee member and Chair of the Connecticut Dairy Farm program

University Committee Activities

  • Study Abroad Committee, 2008-current

College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources Committees:

  • Faculty Mentor in the newly established college mentoring program, for a tenure-track faculty member in the Plant Science Department who has an extension component of their faculty position
  • College International Committee, 2009-current
  • Ratcliffe Hicks Courses and Curriculum Committee, 1997-current
  • College Excellence Committee, 2009-2012

Departmental Committees

  • Faculty search committee, 2013: Dairy manufacturer tenure-track faculty position
  • Faculty Search Committee, 2013: Dairy manufacturer tenure-track faculty position
  • Undergraduate Advisor
  • University Scholar Advisor
  • Undergraduate Independent Study Instructor

External Review Activities        

  • Tenure/promotion external reviewer

Ad hoc Reviewer for US and European Journals (18 reviews)

  • Canadian J. of Veterinary Science          
  • J. Dairy Science
  • Journal of Dairy Research

4-H Youth Activities

  • Eastern States Exposition 4-H Dairy Program (This is a New England-Wide Fair)

              (1996 – current)             

              Quizbowl Moderator for Eastern States Exposition Dairy 4-H Quizbowl             

              4-H Dairy General Knowledge Test

              4-H Dairy Judging Contest

              4-H Dairy Awards Program

Connecticut 4-H Program          

  • Connecticut 4-H Dairy/Beef Clinic
    • Provided a demonstration of the ultrasound technique for detection of mastitis to approximately 100 attendees in 3 sessions, March 16, 2013.
    • Provided skill-a-thon at Dairy Challenge Competition in 2016.

FFA/High School Service Activities

Vocational agricultural high school student learned research techniques associated with evaluating a novel method to detect mastitis in dairy cows. This was a component of her science learning program. July, 2012.

 Other Service/Outreach Activities

  • Newspaper, Radio Interviews and Public Inquires ~ 3 per month
  • On-Farm and Telephone Consultations and Reports ~ 6 per month

Recent Presentations & Publications (Selected)

Rudolph, Alexander. 2016. Effect of Staphylococcus Aureus subclinical mastitis on milk neutrophil apoptotic gene expression. UConn University Scholar Honor’s Thesis. (thesis advisor)
Notestine, Julie. 2015. Validation of ultrasound imaging for detection of mastitis in dairy cattle. UConn Honor’s thesis. (thesis advisor)

Andrew, S., Wichmann, F., Handelsman, J., Udikovik-Kolic, N. (2014). Reply to "The natural environment may be the most important source of antibiotic resistance genes". (4th ed., pp. 1): MBio. August 5, 2014.

Alexander, E. J. Riesen, S. Andrew. 2013. Investigations in Early Detection and Diagnosis of Mastitis Utilizing Ultrasound Technology. University of Connecticut Frontiers in Undergraduate Research Poster Presentation. April 13, 2013.

Andrew, S. A. 2013. The Economic Impact of Mastitis. Presented at the Tennessee Dairy Feed Master Program. February 20, 2013.  Presentation and publication

Andrew, S. A. 2013. Preventing milk residues is everyone’s job. Special Insert in Hoard’s Dairyman, January, 2013. This is the major dairy producer’s magazine. Publication.

Proietto, R.L., L.S. Hinckley, L.K. Fox, and S. M. Andrew. 2013. Evaluation of a clay-based acidic bedding conditioner for dairy cattle bedding. J. Dairy Sci. 96:1044-1053.

**This article was selected to be highlighted in the February on-line Journal web-site.

Andrew, S. A. 2012. Utilizing Ultrasound for Mastitis Detection, Presented at the Annual Dairy Veterinarian Northeast US Meeting, Cooperstown, NY. September, 18, 2012. Presentation and Publication.

Wichman, F. S. Andrew, and J. Handelsman. 2012. Effect of antibiotic use in dairy production on antibiotic resistance and microbial communities in manure. 14th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology (ISME 14), August 19, 2012.

Baskaran, S. A., G. W. Kazmer, L. Hinckley, S. M. Andrew, and K. Venkitanarayanan. 2009. Antibacterial effect of plant-derived antimicrobials on major bacterial mastitis pathogens in vitro. J. Dairy Sci. 92: 1423-1429.

Andrew S.M., Moyes K.M., Borm A.A., Fox L.K., Leslie K.E., Hogan J.S., Oliver S.P., Schukken Y.H., Owens W.E., Norman C. 2009. Factors associated with the risk of antibiotic residues and intramammary pathogen presence in milk from heifers administered prepartum intramammary antibiotic therapy. Vet. Microbiol. Feb 16;134(1-2):150-6.

Rezamand P., T. A. Hoagland, K. M. Moyes, L. K. Silbart, and S. M. Andrew. 2007. Energy Status, Lipid-Soluble Vitamins, and Acute Phase Proteins in Periparturient Holstein and Jersey Dairy Cows with or without Sub-Clinical Mastitis. J. Dairy Sci. 90: 5097-5107.

Rezamand, P., S. M. Andrew, and T. A. Hoagland. 2007. The Feeding Value of Extruded Corn Grain in a Corn-silage Based Ration for High Producing Holstein Cows and Heifers during Mid-lactation. J. Dairy Sci. (in press)

Borm, A. A., L.K. Fox, K. E. Leslie. J. S. Hogan, S. M. Andrew, K. M. Moyes, SP. Oliver, Y.H. Schukken, D.D. Hancock, C. T. Gaskins, W. E. Owens and C. Norman. 2006. Effects of prepartum intramammary antibiotic therapy on udder health, milk production, and reproductive performance in dairy heifers. J. Dairy Sci. 89:2090-2098.

Steinman, K.J., S. M. Andrew, A. A. Borm, L.K. Fox, K. E. Leslie, J.S. Hogan, S.P. Oliver, Y.H. Schukken, W. E. Owens and C. Norman. 2005. Prepartum intramammary antibiotic therapy: Effect on risk of antibiotic residues in milk from dairy heifers. Pp. 688-693 In: Mastitis in Dairy Production, Ed. H. Hogeveen, Wageningen Academic Publishers, The Netherlands.

A. A. Borm, L.K. Fox, K. E. Leslie, J.S. Hogan S. M. Andrew, S.P. Oliver, Y.H. Schukken, and D. D. Hancock, C.T. Gaskins, W.E. Owens, and C. Norman. 2005. Prepartum intramammary antibiotic therapy: Effects on udder health, milk production and reproductive performance in dairy heifers. Pp. 364-369 In: Mastitis in Dairy Production, Ed. H. Hogeveen, Wageningen Academic Publishers, The Netherlands.

Tian, XC, Kubota C, Sakashita K, Izaike Y, Okano R, Tabara N, Curchoe C, Jacob L, Zhang Y, Smith S, Bormann C, Xu J, Andrew S, Yang X. 2005. Meat and milk compositions of bovine clones. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 102:6261-6266.

Scheifele, PM, Andrew S, Cooper, RA, Darre, M, Musiek, FE and Max, L. 2005. Indication of a Lombard vocal response in the St. Lawrence River Beluga. J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 117:1486-1492.

Fox, L.K., A.A. Borm, K.E. Leslie, J.H. Hogan, S.M. Andrew S.P. Oliver, Y.H. Schukken, W.E. Owens, and C. Norman. 2004. Effect of prepartum antibiotic therapy in heifers on milk production and mastitis postpartum. P. 114-121, In Proceedings of the 43th Annual National Mastitis Council Meeting, Charlotte, NC.

Andrew, S. M. 2002. Antibiotic Residues in Animal-Based Foods. In: Current Topics in Food Safety in Animal Agriculture, Iowa State University Press, Ames, IA.

Rastani, R. R., S. M. Andrew, S. A. Zinn and C. J. Sniffen. 2001. Body composition and energy balance in Jersey and Holstein dairy cows. J. Dairy Sci. 84:1050-1060.

Andrew, S.M. 2001. Effect of composition of colostrum and transition milk from Holstein heifers on specificity rates of antibiotic residue tests. J. Dairy Sci. 84:100-106

Andrew, S.M. 2000. Effect of fat and protein content of milk from individual cows on the specificity rates of antibiotic residue screening tests. J. Dairy Sci. 83:2992-2997.

Andrew, S.M. 1997. Antibiotic residue tests for individual cows - An update. Proc. 36th Annual Meeting of the National Mastitis Council, Feb 16-19. p 191-201.

Andrew, S. M., R. A. Frobish, M. J. Paape and L. J. Maturin. 1997. Evaluation of selected antibiotic residue screening tests for milk from individual cows and examination of factors affecting the probability of false positive outcomes. J. Dairy Sci. 80:3050-3057.

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