Robert A. Milvae

Associate Professor- Reproductive Physiology

Dr. Robert Milvae


   Phone: (860) 486-1065


   Office: George White Bldg., Room 201




  • Ph.D. (Physiology), Cornell University, 1981
  • M.S. (Physiology), Cornell University, 1978
  • B.S. (Zoology), Michigan State University, 1975


Classes Taught

ANSC 3122 Reproductive Physiology
ANSC 3272 Laboratory Animal Science
ANSC 3691 Professional Internship
ANSC 5692 Graduate Research

Area of Interest

  • Reproductive endocrinology
  • Investigating the mechanisms involved in the regulation of bovine corpus luteum functions. 
  • Biology of the biosynthesis of progesterone via a variety of approaches ranging from whole animal studies to molecular biology
  • Mechanisms by which local intraovarian compounds affect luteal function. Current research results suggest that endothelins play an important role in luteolysis. 

Awards Received

  • Outstanding Professor of the Semester - Kappa Kappa Gamma, 2013
  • AAUP Excellence Award for Teaching Mentorship, 2012  
  • University of Connecticut Institute for Teaching & Learning Teaching Fellow Award, 2011-2012
  • University of Connecticut Undergraduate Student Government Educator of the Year Award, 2010
  • University of Connecticut Alumni Association Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award, 2008
  • University of Connecticut Gamma Sigma Delta Teaching Excellence Award, 2008
  • University of Connecticut College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Alumni Association Outstanding Teaching Award, 2007


Milvae, R., "Strategic Partnerships:  Collaboration with The Race Horse Industry", National Academic Summit. (June 18, 2012).

Recent Publications (Selected)

Rhinehart JD, Starbuck-Clemmer MJ, Flores JA, Milvae RA, Poole DH, Inskeep EK. 2009. Low peripheral progesterone and late embnryonic/early fetal loss in suckled beef cows and lactating dairy cows. Theriogenology 71: 480-490.

Christopher S. Keator, David T. Schreiber, Thomas A. Hoagland, John A. McCracken, and Robert A. Milvae (2008). Intrauterine infusion of BQ-610, an endothelin type A receptor antagonist, delays luteolysis in dairy heifers 34: (in press).

Zhang B, ZhangH, Milvae RA, Keator C, Moses MA, Tsang PCW. 2005. Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases and its regulation by tumor necrosis factor in the bovine corpus luteum. Biol Reprod 72: Suppl 222.

Ricketts BF, Tsang PCW, Milvae RA, Keator CS, McCracken JA. 2005. Dynamic in vivo changes in protein levels of TIMP-1 and MMP-2 and -9 in the ovine corpus luteum after luteolytic pulses of PGF-2a. Biol Reprod 72: Suppl 547.

Keator CS, Schreiber DT, Milvae RA, McCracken JA. 2005. Nitric oxide alters progesterone secretion rate and blood flow in vivo and luteal cell production of progesterone in sheep. Biol Reprod 72: Suppl 618.

Towle, T.A., Tsang, P.C.W., Milvae, R.A., Newbury, M.K., McCracken, J.A. 2002. Dynamic in vivo changes in tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases 1 and 2, and matrix metalloproteinases 2 and 9, during prostaglandin F-2a induced luteolysis in sheep. Biol Reprod 66:1515-1521.

Townson, D.H., Tsang, P.C.W., Butler, W.R., Frajblat, L.C., Johnson, C.J., Milvae, R.A., Niksic, G.M., Pate, J.L. 2002. Relationship of fertility to ovarian follicular waves before breeding in dairy cows. J Anim Sci 80:1053-1058.

Hinckley, S.T., Milvae, R.A. 2001. Endothelin-1 mediates prostaglandin induced luteal regression in the ewe. Biol Reprod 64:1619-1623.

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