Connecticut 4-H Horse Project

This is an official website for information on the 4-H Horse Project in Connecticut. Please click here for current Connecticut 4-H State events and click here for a description of the events.

What do you do if you are in the 4-H Horse Project?

4-H members participate in a club in their community. They may or may not have a horse. They also do club activities and attend events related to horses. They participate in contests such as public speaking, team demonstration or individual demonstration, horse bowl, horse judging, and hippology. Public speaking is when a 4-H member speaks about a horse-related topic. In team or individual demonstration, either one or two people speak about a horse-related topic using visual aids. Horse bowl is a Jeopardy-like contest in which teams of 3 or 4 compete on horse-related topics. In horse judging, 4-H members judge horses in hand or under saddle either as a conformation class (in hand) or performance (hunt seat, Western, reining, etc.) class. 4-H members list the order in which they think the class should be placed, and may give oral reasons as to why he/she placed the class the way they did.

Do I have to have a horse to be in the 4-H Horse Project?

No, many 4-H members do not own a horse.

How old do I have to be to join the 4-H Horse Project?
You can become a 4-H member in the horse project when you are 7 years old as of January 1 of the current year.

How do I join 4-H?
  • CT Counties - Contact a representative in your county

Informational Materials

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Manure and Pest Management (doc, pdf)
Pasture Management (doc, pdf)
Pasture Walk Checklist (doc, pdf)
Building A Better Barn (doc, pdf)
Choosing The Best Bedding (doc, pdf)
Grow A Grass Head Monster! (doc, pdf)
Adventures of Rodney The Road Apple (doc, pdf)
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