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Faculty and Staff


Name Title Research Interests
Mary Anne Amalaradjou (bio) Assistant Professor

Bioengineered probiotics in pathogen control, Probiotics in health and disease, Molecular mechanisms of host-pathogen interaction, Bioprocessing, Molecular techniques in Microbiology.

Sheila Andrew (bio) Professor Extension Dairy Specialist, Dairy Nutrition and Milk Safety

Dennis D'Amico (bio)

Assistant Professor

Dairy product quality and safety: traditional and artisan cheese production, microbial ecology, process validation, product development, food safety management systems.

Michael Darre (bio) Professor Extension Poultry Specialist
Cameron Faustman (bio) Professor, Associate Dean of Academic Programs, CANR Director, Ratcliffe Hicks School of Agriculture Meat Pigment and Lipid Chemistry, Food Science, Meat Microbiology (joint appointment - Nutritional Sciences)
Kristen Govoni (bio) Associate Professor Growth Physiology: Role of maternal diet in offspring growth and development and mechanisms of host-pathogen interaction in mastitis.
Thomas Hoagland (bio) Professor Reproductive Physiology, Livestock Programs Faculty Advisor
Gary Kazmer (bio) Associate Professor Molecular Genetics of Milk Production
Richard Mancini (bio) Associate Professor Meat and Food Science, Meat Color Chemistry, Improving Beef Shelf Life
Alena Meacham (bio) Lecturer, Director of Horse Riding Program and Coach of the Equestrian Hunt Seat, Dressage, and Western Teams
Robert Milvae (bio) Associate Professor Mammalian Female Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology
Jenifer Nadeau (bio) Associate Professor

Extension Equine Specialist, Equine Health

Sarah Reed (bio) Assistant Professor

Role of muscle satellite cells (stem cells) during growth and disease conditions, and characterization of muscle satellite cells in horses

Amy Safran (bio) Lecturer  
Young Tang (bio) Assistant Professor

Induced pluripotent stem cells, epigenetics and stem cell signaling pathways, and infectious diseases of domestic animal species - Currently accepting prospective graduate students.

Xiuchun (Cindy) Tian (bio) Professor Molecular Embryology, Epigenetics, Stem Cell Biology, and Reproductive Biotechnologies
Kumar Venkitanarayanan (bio) Professor Instruction and Research in Food Microbiology & Safety
Steve Zinn (bio) Department Head, Professor Nutrition and Molecular Growth Physiology (joint appointment - Molecular and Cell Biology)

-  Extension Articles Written by Faculty

-  College of Agriculture, Health & Natural Resources Research and Graduate Program

Adjunct, In-Residence, Joint Appointment, Assistant Research, and Emeriti

Name Title Research Interests
James Dinger Associate Professor (Emeritus) Equine Reproductive Physiology
John McCracken (bio) Professor-in-Residence Inter-relationships of steroid hormones and prostaglandins
John Riesen (bio) Professor (Emeritus) Reproductive Physiology and General Mammalian Physiology



Kellogg Dairy Center (KDC)

Name Title Phone Location Email
Timothy Beattie Agricultural Worker 2 (860) 486-2023 Dairy Unit
Paul Bleimeyer Agricultural Worker 2 (860) 486-2023 Dairy Unit
Mary-Margaret Cole Executive Program Director (860) 486-2023 Dairy Unit Mary_Margaret.Cole@uconn.edu
Joseph Hannon Agricultural Worker 2 (860) 486-2023 Dairy Unit
Bedford Lawrence Agricultural Worker 2 (860) 486-2023 Dairy Unit


Livestock Unit

Name Title Phone Location
Aubrey Grabber Agricultural Worker 1 (860) 486-2035 Livestock Unit
David Macha Agricultural Worker 2 (860) 486-2035 Livestock Unit


Horse Unit

Name Title Phone Location Email
John Bennett (bio) Farm Manager/Academic Asst. III (860) 486-2034 Horse Barn John.Bennett_JR@uconn.edu
Kathleen Pelletier Assistant Farm Manager (860) 486-2034 Horse Barn Kathleen.Pelletier@uconn.edu


Postdoctoral Fellows and Visiting Research Scholars

Name Title Phone Location Email
Maria Hoffman Postdoctoral Fellow

(860) 486-8938

Lab (860) 4868938

ABL, 3rd Floor Maria.Procopio@uconn.edu
Delun Huang Visiting Research Scholar (860) 486-2174
ABL 320 Delun.Huang@uconn.edu
Zongliang Jiang Postdoctoral Fellow

(860) 486-8716

Lab (860) 486-6912

ABL 220 Zongliang.Jiang@uconn.edu
Indu Upadhyaya Postdoctoral Fellow

(860) 486-1036

Lab: (860) 486-4787

George White Bldg., Room 4B Indu.Upadhyaya@uconn.edu
Mingyuan Zhang Visiting Research Scholar (860 486-0495 ABL 220 Mingyuan.Zhang@uconn.edu


Poultry Unit

Name Title Phone Location Email
Lisa Nowak Agricultural Worker 2 (860) 486-2039 Poultry Farm Lisa.Nowak@uconn.edu


Department and Main Office Staff

Please call 860-486-2413 with your general questions regarding the Animal Science program.

Name Title Phone Location Email
Sharon Aborn Compliance Coordinator (860) 486-4408 George White Bldg., Room 202 Sharon.Aborn@uconn.edu
Tina Burnham Financial Assistant II (860) 486-1037 George White Bldg., Room 109 Tina.Burnham@uconn.edu
Michelle Grant Program Assistant I (860) 486-1009

George White Bldg.,

Room 107

Jennifer Simoniello Administrative Coordinator (860) 486-1088 George White Bldg., Room 107B Jennifer.Simoniello@uconn.edu
Jennifer Szela Program Assistant I (860) 486-1035 George White Bldg., Room 107 Jennifer.Szela@uconn.edu


UConn Creamery Staff

Name Title Phone Location
Bill Sciturro Manager-Dairy Manufacturing (860) 486-0569 UConn Creamery
Ben Honer Assistant Manager - Dairy Manufacturing (860) 486-0569 UConn Creamery
Chris Lewis University Specialist (860) 486-0569 UConn Creamery


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