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Kristen E. Govoni, Associate Professor





Phone:  (860) 486-2480

Email: kristen.govoni@uconn.edu

Office: ABL, Room 302ALab: ABL, Room 317

Lab Phone: (860) 486-8938



Dr. Govoni's Lab

Graduate Student Position Available August 2017 - Seeking a graduate student for our Ph.D. program to work on a collaborative project evaluating the effects of restricted feeding and re-alimentation during gestationon offspring muscle and liver metabolism. Requirements: Previous laboratory experience, B.S. (in Animal Science, Biology, Biochemistry, Nutrition, or closely related field), strong work ethic, and team player. Preferences: M.S. degree in Animal Science or Biochemistry, knowledge of histology, gene expression and cell culture techniques. Please apply to the UConn Graduate School and contact Dr. Govoni with any questions. grad.uconn.edu/prospective-students/applying-to-uconn/





  • Ph.D. (Animal Science), University of Connecticut, 2003
  • MS (Animal Science), University of Connecticut, 2002
  • BS (Animal Science), University of Connecticut, 1998


After receiving her Ph.D. in 2003, Dr. Govoni pursued postdoctoral research experience in the Musculoskeletal Disease Center at the Jerry L. Pettis VA Medical Center in Loma Linda, CA. In 2008, Dr. Govoni returned to her home state of CT and is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Science.


Area of Interest

Current research in our lab focuses on understanding growth and development at the cellular level to identify methods to improve animal health and efficiency of production. Currently there are two major focuses in the laboratory. The first is to determine the effects of poor maternal nutrition on pre- and post-natal development using a sheep model. In particular, we are working to determine the effects of under- and/or over-feeding during gestation on muscle, bone, and adipose tissue as well as the potential programming effects of maternal diet on mesenchymal stem cells in the offspring. The second focus in the laboratory is to determine the molecular mechanism involved in the attachment and invasion of S. Aureus in the bovine mammary gland using whole transcriptome analysis. In addition, we are investigating the effectiveness of plant-derived anti-microbials to prevent and or treat mastitis.

Classes Taught

ANSC 3194/ SAAS 294 Seminar
ANSC 3313/ 5613 Growth Biology & Metabolism in Domestic Livestock/ Growth and Metabolism of Domestic Animals
ANSC 3314W Scientific Writing in Growth Biology

Awards Received

  • 2014 - Donald M. Kinsman Award For Excellence in CANR/RHSA Undergraduate Teaching by Junior Faculty
  • 2013 - Northeast ASAS/ADSA Young Scientist Award For Research
  • 2006 - Endocrine Society Travel Grant
  • 2005 - ASBMR Young Investigator Award
  • 2005 - Women in Endocrinology, Abstract Award
  • 2003 - NACTA Teaching Award
  • 2002 - ASAS/ADSA Northeast Graduate Student Paper Competition, Second Place


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Hobbies/Non-Academic Interests

Horseback riding, camping, hiking, running

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