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John Riesen, Professor (Emeritus)

Photo of John Riesen



(860) 486-2541



Office: George White Bldg., Room 001






  • PhD (Reproductive Physiology), University of Wisconsin, 1968
  • M.S. (Reproductive Physiology), University of Wisconsin, 1965
  • B.S. (Animal Science), University of Massachusetts, 1963


Area of Interest

Transgenic pigs as animal models for xenogeneic transplantation: A collaborative project is underway to examine the genetic engineering of porcine tissues to resist the destructive effects of human complement-mediated hyperacute reaction.

The Sertoli Cell and Spermatogeneses: The Sertoli cell plays an important supporting and controlling role in the production of sperm cells. Compensatory hypertrophy/hyperplasia in unilaterally castrated animals has been used as a model system to study spermatogeneses and particularly the role of the Sertoli cell in this process.

Use of Multimedia Backgrounder Computer Aided Instruction Modules in Improving Teaching: Instructors must deal with the disparity between the level at which they wish to teach and the level of the least-well-prepared students. This is most difficult in introductory courses, to which freshmen come from very different backgrounds. It is further aggravated in animal science where some students come from a farm background or vocational agricultural high schools and know agricultural vocabulary and concepts. Three multimedia computer aided instruction modules are being developed in an effort to address this problem. These modules will allow less well prepared students to obtain the prerequisite knowledge and allow the class to function at a more advanced level.


  • 2000 - 2001 recipient of the First Year Experience Teaching Award at UConn
  • USDA Excellence in College and University Teaching Award

Recent Publications

B.P. Enright, M. Taneja, D. Schreiber, J. Riesen, X.C. Tian, J.E. Fortune, and X. Yang. 2002. Reproductive Characteristics of Cloned Heifers Derived from Adult Somatic Cells. Biol Reprod 66:291-296.

Enright, B.P., M. Taneja, D. Schreiber, J. Riesen, X. Tian and X. Yang. 2001. Puberty and Early Follicular Dynamics in Adult Somatic Cell Derived Cloned Heifers. Theriogenology 55:267.

Lee, J.W., B.S. Jeong, J. Riesen, T. Hoagland and X. Yang. 2001. Fertilization and Embryonic Development Following Injection of Frozen-thawed Spermatozoon into in vitro Matured Porcine Oocyte. Theriogenology 55:506.

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